سيرتي الذاتية

Career Objective
Seeking a challenging career in a professional firm in the field of Accounting and Auditing where my skills can be efficiently utilized and further developed.

Professional Qualification

Senior Auditor, Tax Specialist

Intermediate Level, December- 2015 (E.S.A.A) Starting June 2014.
Member of the Egyptian Society of  Taxation (M.E.S.T 9417)
Chartered  Accountant  (Accountant and Auditors Record  33492)
Audit and analysis all Financial Accounts and preparing financial statements as Egyptian standard of accounting are required. Also Prepare or Review the analysis and documents necessary for the tax inspection for many companies.
v  Review the analysis and documents necessary and attend the book value examining by GAFI.
v  Attend examination by the unit for quality control of auditors registered with the EFSA.
v  Involved in developing and testing new Audit Software for Kreston Audit Firm.
Example of companies I was responsible for :-
§ National Investment Bank
§ Mashreq Egypt Bank
§ El Khabeer Mutual Fund of Export Development Bank of Egypt
§ Al-Babtain LeBlanc Egypt.
§ Premiere Investment for investment Management.
§ AWA Ingredients Supply.
§ Pharma Overseas for distribution of medicines.
§ Vitabiotics Egypt
§ Green Fields Company for Dairy Products and Food Industries.
§ El-Mohandes Company for Trading & Manufacturing Modern Chemical.

Bachelor of Commerce 2008 (Accounting Major). Tanta University

Work Experience

Grant Thornton Mohamed Hilal
Firm’s Profile
One of the pioneering auditing and consulting firms in Egypt
Period Served
Since October ,2016 to present
Senior Auditor

Consultative group for accounting system
Firm’s Profile
Member of Kreston international " a global network of independent auditing firm"
Period Served
May, 2014 to October, 2016.
Senior Auditor

Prof. Abd El-Rasoul Abd El-Hady.
Firm’s Profile
Chartered accountant in practice for more than 15 years.
Period Served
May, 2009 to May, 2014.

Core Area of Responsibilities:-

Ø  Reviewed entries to the general and subsidiary ledgers to assure. Accuracy and compliance with accounting principles, and controls all changes to chart of accounts.
Ø  Evaluating internal control systems of assigned accounts, and suggest improvements.
Ø  Examining and auditing financial statements.
Ø  Preparing management letters and auditing reports pertaining to the financial statements.
Ø  Prepared accounting policies and control procedures.
Ø  Assists in the training and coaching of junior members of staff.
Ø  Review the analysis and documents necessary for the tax inspection; attend income, sales and payroll tax inspection, Tax Internal committee, Tax Appeal committee and Tax Court for many companies with different activities.
Ø  Monitor and resolve tax issues with government employees and set up payment plans for individuals, partnerships and corporations.
Ø  Preparing transaction tax (sales, salaries, and Real Estate tax) returns for monthly, quarterly and annual filings.
Ø  Prepare and review the employees’ annual and monthly payroll tax reconciliation, review of the withholding tax calculation to ensure correctness.
Information Technology
Ø  Evaluate the need for new technology to meet the organization's financial data processing, control, and reporting requirements. And Advise on appropriate technology.
Ø  Assist with testing and receive final approval for system reports required for management, financial reporting and general ledger reconciliations.
Ø  Audit financial outputs of various systems including SAP.
Other Experience
Ø  Economic feasibility studies of projects and financial analysis and financial indicators as well as performance appraisal.
Ø  Designed accounting system using spreadsheet and database software.
Ø  Setting up companies and changing the legal form.
Ø  Keep the accounting books for some of our clients.

Experience  , Skills  & Achievements

Other Experience
v  System Analyst & Technical Support - In Golden Al-Asseal for Accounting Software from June, 2011 to January, 2012.
v  Income Auditor - In Ocean Ventures Co., Ocean Club, Sharm El Shiekh, Egypt from October, 2008 to May, 2009.
v  A qualified Auditor having experience in Accounts, Taxation & Auditing.
v  Skills in proper maintenance of various accounting books and financial statements to ensure accurate recording.
v  Experienced in the design, development and implementation of technical solutions and managing financial information's system for various organizations.
v  Earned The Ideal Employee Award for the Year 2009 for implementation to the new System during my training at Ocean Ventures International Company.
v  Developed new reports and customized seeded reports. Was also involved in Application upgrade to 2012 version. For Golden Al-Asseal Software.
v  Involved in setup of financial analysis module. For Double Click ERP being With That the First Arabian ERP Which Contain financial analysis module.
v  Creator of "Mahmoud Hamouda Blogger" and YouTube Channel with More Than 21000 Subscribers and 1.8 m Views, also Verified by Google as a Good Partner.
v  Published More Than 111 Tutorial Video Helping People to get understanding Integrated Accounting and Auditing Using Excel to ERP Software.
v  The Ideal Student - Faculty of commerce - Tanta university 2007
Computer Skills
Ms-office, Corel
Accounting Package
SAP, Peachtree, QuickBooks ,MYOB, Asseal, El-Ameen, Smacc, Double Click ERP, Dream Soft ERP And Al-Motakamel
Basic Knowledge
 Internet, E-Mail
Possibility of studying and Becoming Professional in using any Software needed

Interest And Hobbies
Long Distance Running, Hunting using compressed air rifles and Interacting with People.

Personal Details
Date of Birth
17 Junary.,1987
Languages known
Arabic& English
Permanent Address
20 El-Omda St. Ard El Lewa , El-Mohandeseen, Giza
I hereby declare that the above mentioned details are true to the best of my knowledge.
Date: December 17, 2016
Place: Ard El-Lewa El- Mohandeseen, Giza                                                               (Mahmoud Hamouda)

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